General Conditions Of Service

·The services are subject to availability and will be carried out with a prior appointment agreed with the patient between 10:00 – 19:00 hours.

·Appointments scheduled outside of service hours will have an additional 50% charge unless otherwise agreed.

·Each procedure must be paid in full once performed.

·Services that require laboratory manufacturing and / or biomaterials require a 50% in advance to order the materials.

· In services with deposits or prepaid, you have three months to complete the service from the date you are notified that we are ready to continue with the procedure. If you were unable to attend your appointment in this period of time, the service will be canceled without the right to refund.

·Payments with a foreign card will have an additional charge of 5% to cover the commission for international transfers.

·The services have a three-month non-cumulative guarantee from the date they were performed as long as they have been fully covered and the post-treatment instructions indicated by the doctor are followed, for example, no smoking.

·Three appointments not attended without canceling 24 hours in advance, will be taken as suspension of treatment and exempts us from any responsibility.

·We reserve the right to initiate treatment if we find that the patient risk is high or if we do not have the capacity to do so.

·The treatment plans delivered during the diagnosis are carried out by certified professionals and will not include services that do not require, the doctor will let you know the risks associated with each procedure in the informed consent.

·The initial treatment plan may vary as your case evolves.

·It is recommended to follow the treatment plan established by the specialist, if you decide not to conclude the treatment plan or perform any of the proposed procedures in another office, this exempts us from responsibility.

·We will not be able to initiate a procedure if the autograph signature of the patient or his representative is missing in any of the following documents: General Conditions of Service, Informed Consent, Privacy Notice, Medical Record..