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Table Top Crown
Table top crown is the perfect solution for teeth worn by bruxism, stopping the detoration of the teeth. Subsequently, they must be accompaneid with a bruxism splint.
  • Preparation carving
  • Intraoral scanning
  • Veneer design and fabrication
  • Cleaning and engraving the tooth
  • Veneer cementation
  • Cheking Occlusion and final adjusment
Dental Healing
Dental healing is a temporary procedure of a maximum of fifteen days that is performed in cavities that cannot be filled at the same moment and requires stopping pain and reducing inflammation until the conditions for permanent restoration are achieved.
  • Application of local anesthesia
  • Cleaning of the damaged area
  • Temporary healing placement (Max 15 days)
Dental checkup
The dental checkup is the first approach with the the dentist to determine the patient´s problem.
In a dental checkup, an evaluation of the dental peces and te oral cavity is carried out to detect possible pathologies. *Does not include radiological studies.
Maryland Dental Bridge
Maryland dental bridge is the quick solution to the loss of a dental piece. The fixed zirconia dental bridge is indicated for posterior dental pieces due to its aesthetics and high resistance. * Only applies to replace an anterior tooth
- Intraoral scanning - Maryland dental bridge design and manufacture - Cleaning and etching of the tooth - Cementation of definitive bridge - Occlusion tests and finaladjustment
Dental Resins
Dental resins on incisal edges are placed to restore wear, small fractures or tooth decay. Composite dental resins repair dental cavities that remain when removing cavities, we use 3M Filtek resins that offer high aesthetics and resistance.
  • Cavities detection
  • Application of local anesthesia
  • Cavities removal
  • Dental resin placement
  • Occlusion tests
  • Polishing surfaces
Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening
The Philips Zoom Professional Whitening system is the best option on the market. Teeth up to 8 shades whiter in a single session, with long-lasting results and low sensitivity during treatment.


  1. The patient must be over 18 years of age and not pregnant
  2. Must be free of tartar and plaque
  3. Must not have exposed cavities
  4. Must not have braces or other attachments
  • Shade registrattion prior to start
  • Soft tissue protection (lips and gums)
  • First application of Zoom Whitening agent
  • First session of 15 minutes with Zoom Lamp
  • Second application of Zoom Whitening agent
  • Second session of 15 minutes with Zoom Lamp
  • Shade registration at the end of the session
Dental Crown Recementation
Dental crown recementation is performed when a crown has detached from its base, it can be re-cemented as long as after the review it is confirmed that it is not fractured, it fits properly and the dental organ does not have cavities. * This procedure has no guarantee  

        * Procedure without guarantee

  • Verification of correct adjustment of the crown
  • Etching and silanising of the dental crown
  • Etching and application of adhesive on the dental organ
  • Crown cementation
  • Occlusion test and final adjustment
  • polishing of surfaces
Sealing of Pits and Fissures
Sealing of pits and fissures procedura, a sealant is applied to molars and premolars to help prevent caries by up to 80%, mainly in children due to their well-marked grooves.
  • Resin application to seal pits and fissures
Provisional Complete Denture
Provisional total dentures restore aesthetics and function while the final one is being made.
  • Intraoral scanning
  • Denture design with gingiva
  • Denture impression
  • Final adjustment in the mouth
Autotrasplante Dental
El autotrasplante dental
  • Aplicación de anestesia local
  • Elevación de colgajo
  • Corte de hueso y encía alrededor del diente
  • Exposición de pieza dental
  • Sutura del área intervenida
Zirconia Bridge On Implants 3U
An implant-supported zirconia bridge on implants is the ideal solution when three or more teeth have been lost because adjacent teeth  do not have to be worn down.
  • Intraoral scan for surgical guide
  • Design and manufacture of surgical guide
  • Implant placement surgery
  • Straumann BLX Implant (2)
  • Healing screw (2)
  • Intraoral scanning for bridge
  • Design and manufacture of zirconia bridge
  • Variobase crown abutment (2)
  • Zirconia bridge placement
Intraoral Scanning
Intraoral sacanning replaces taking impressions with impression material and trays. It´s more precise and comfortable for the patient.
  • Intraoral scanning to design temporary crowns, orthodontic guides, surgical guides, dental aligners, inlays
  •  Shade taking
Crown Lengthening
Crown lengthening is a procedure that is designed to reshape your gums at the base of the afected tooth in order to expose more of the tooth´s surface.
  • Application of local anesthesia
  • Flap elevation
  • Cutting of bone and gums around the tooth with dental laser
  • Dental piece exhibition
  • Suture of the intervened area
Provisional Restoration Placement
The provisional restoration protects the carved teeth and provides function and ethetics while the final restoratio is designed and fabricated.
  • Appointment after intraoral scanning appointment
  • Preparation carving
  • Retractor cord placement to uncover margins
  • Intraoral scanning for crown design
  • Placement of provisional restoration
  • Restoration design and manufacture in resin
  • Anterior restorations require a trial appointment
  • Final restoration will be placed at a later appointment
Zirconia Crown Implant
Zirconia crown on dental implants are the best solution for the loss of a dental piece,  they restore function and aesthetics to the teeth.
  • Intraoral scanning for surgical guide
  • Surgical guide design and fabrication
  • Implant placement surgery
  • Implant Straumann BLX
  • Healing screw
  • Intraoral scanning for crown
  • Design and manufacture of the zirconium crown
  • Variobase crown abutment
  • Zirconium crown placement
Final Restoration Test
Try-in of the final restoration is required for anterios (Front) teeth, to ensure esthetics prior to fabrication of the final restoration.
  • Trial of anterior crowns and / or bridges
  • Removal of temporary crowns
  • Abutment cleaning
  • Placement of crowns and/or bridges in resin with temporary cement
  • Occlusion cheking
  • Photographs
Dental Overlay
Dental overlay repair dental cavities that are too large to be treated with composite resin.
  • Preparation carving
  • Intraoral scanning
  • Temporary curing resin
  • Overlay design and manufacture in zriconium
  • Occlusion checking and final adjustment
Final Restoration Placement
The placement of te final restoration es de last step of the fixed prosthesis.
  • The final restoration is placed in the last appoinment
  • Removal of temporary crowns and / or bridges
  • Abutment cleaning
  • Preparation of definitive crowns and / or bridges
  • Cementation of definitive crowns and / or bridges
  • Check occlusion and final adjustments
  • Final photos
Zirconia Dental Bridge 3U
The zirconia dental bridge is the fast solutionto the loss of a dental piece. The zirconnia  fixed bridge is indicated to posterior teeth due to its aesthetics and high resistance.
- Preparation carving - Placement of provisional bridge - Intraoral scanning - Bridge design and manufacture - Cleaning and etching of the tooth - Cementation of definitive bridge - Cheking occlusion  and finaladjustment
Dental Dentures / Implants All On 4
Dental dentures on All on 4 implants, offer aesthetics and functionality. The best solution for the edentulous patient. *The patient must have a good bone quality to be a candidate.
  • Intraoral scanning
  • Denture design with gingiva
  • Manufacture of denture in resin for test
  • Adjustments in the mouth and taking pictures
  • Manufacturing denture in zirconia
  • Abutment cementation (4)
  • Final adjustment in the mouth
* Placement of All On 4 implants are not inlcuded
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