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Premolar Root Canal Treatment
Premolar root canal treatment  serves to remove the infected tissue that is found in the inner part of the dental piece, avoiding dental extraction.
  • Root canal cleaning
  • Periapical radiograph to verify cleanliness
  • Root canal obturation
  • periapical radiograph to verify obturation
Molar Root Canal Treatment
Molar root canal treatment is used to remove the infected tissue that is found in the interior part of the piece dental, avoid dental extraction.
  • Root canal cleanig
  • Take a periapical radiograph to verify cleanliness
  • Root canal obturation
  • Take a periapical radiograph to check obturation
Crown Post and Core
We need a post and core to help stabilize and secure a tooth after a root canal trreatment. The zirconium crown is the final restoration.
  • Post root canal treatment
  • Root canal preparation
  • Dental post bonding
  • Crown preparation
  • Intraoral  scanning
  • design and manufacture of zirconium crown
  • Cleaning  and engraving of the tooth
  • Final crown cementation
  • Occlusion test and final adjustemnt
Anterior Tooth Root Canal Treatment
Anterior tooth root canal treatment is an endodontic procedure where infected dental pulp is removed from the tooth's root canals, the canal is filled with special material, and a final restoration is placed on the top of the tooth.
  • Root canal cleaning
  • Periapical X-Ray
  • Root canal obturation
  • Final priappical X-Ray
Endodontic Assessment
An endodontic evaluation will examine the tooth roots and pulp where the nerve of the tooth is located. If there is damage to the tooth, it must be examined to determine whether or not endodontic treatment, such as a root canal or non-vital pulp therapy, is required.
  • Endodontic revision
  • Vitality tests on injured teeth
  • Periapical X-rays
  • Taking intraoral photos
Endodontic Examination
The endodontic examination is carried out a few days after an endodontic treatment if the doctor so requests to evaluate the result of the root canal treatment.
- Post-endodontic examination - Inspection of intervened teeth - Periapical X-ray
An apicectomy is the removal of the tip the root of the tooth, know as the apex. It should be considered when convencional endodontic root filling techniques have failed.
  • Surgery to access the root of the tooth
  • Root cutting and sealing with MTA
  • Requires periodontist and endodontist
Retreatment Root Canal
Retreatment root canal t´s necessary to do when, despite having been done before, the discomfort persist.
  • Local anesthesia in the area to be treated
  • Removal sealing material
  • Root canal disinfection
  • Application of medication inside the canal
  • Post endodontic review
Post Endodontic Retreatment Review
Endodontic treatment evaluation
  • Endodontic treatment evaluation
  • Taking periapical radiographs
Dental checkup
The dental checkup is the first approach with the the dentist to determine the patient´s problem.
In a dental checkup, an evaluation of the dental peces and te oral cavity is carried out to detect possible pathologies. *Does not include radiological studies.
Intravenous Sedation
Intravenous sedation is the best solution for those patients who are afraid of the dentist or for oral surgery treatments. *Requires laboratory studies
  • General sedation for two hours
  • Requires a hematic biometry study
  • Requirements: patient fasting and accompanied
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Oxygen supply
  • Intravenous cannulation
  • Medication supply
  • Post treatment recovery